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Top 10 OurPets Toys That Stimulate Your Cat’s Hunter Instincts

As most of us know, cats are natural hunters.  They love to run, pounce, chew, and scratch.  Just because your cat lives indoors, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to hunt!   Most indoor cats are overweight and more inactive than outdoor cats because they don’t have the mental and physical benefits of hunting.  That being said, we love our big and furry monsters, but stimulating their hunting instincts with toys is a great way to keep your cat active and healthy.  Plus, there is the added benefit of just as much, if not more, enjoyment for yourself as you watch your cat play with a toy.

We have put together a list of our top 10 cat toys that will help you stimulate your cat’s hunter instincts.



10. Backyard Friends Assortment

1010010788-Backyard-Squirrel 1010010787-Backyard-Skunk 1010010785-Backyard-Foxl 1010010784-Backyard-Racoon 1010010782-Backyard-Bunny

  • Sound feature is in this creature
  • Realistic squeaking sound
  • Contains real catnip

In a variety of adorable styles to please any cat, the Backyard Friends Assortment features an collection of catnip-scented toys that chirp when batted, bringing forth your cat’s hunting instinct and providing them with plenty of healthy exercise. Six styles are available: Squirrel, Skunk, Fox, Raccoon, Bunny.

9. Thrill of the Chase

1360012078 Thrill Of The Chase

  • The fun is on track!
  • Squeaks just like a RealMouse®
  • Includes real catnip

Cats can bat, bump, and bop the elusive mouse as it spins its way around the track. To heighten the realistic effect, the mouse squeaks with each swat of a paw, furthering the frenzy!

8. Twinkle Mouse

1360012081 Twinkle Mouse

  • Includes squeaking RealMouse® sound
  • With light-up eyes
  • Includes real catnip

Here’s a mouse perfect for your house! Cats can’t resist the sounds, smells, and sights of the Twinkle Mouse as it squeaks and twinkles for kitty’s delight!

7. Compressed Catnip Twinkle Egg or Ball

OP-Corknip-LED-Twinkle-Egg_1400012833_nopkg_PT OP-Corknip-LED-Twinkle-Ball_1400012832_nopkg_PT

  • Premium North-American-grown catnip combined with natural cork
  • Includes patented RealMouse® technology, an electronic module that makes a realistic squeaking sound when batted
  • Features LED lights that twinkle while kitty plays

The compressed catnip Twinkle Egg or Ball is great for your cat because it provides the thrill of the hunt without a mess.  This line of toys incorporates the RealMouse® sound with lights, which drives cats wild!  The compressed catnip, in addition to the lights and sounds, provides your cat with a full sensory hunting experience.

6. Go Fish! Teaser Wand


  • Interactive catnip fun with your favorite furry friend
  • Casts just like a real fishing rod
  • Fish is 100% filled with premium catnip

Go Fish! is the ONLY toy that combines the action of a real fishing rod with 100% premium catnip! While most catnip toys encourage cats to play solo, Go Fish! combines the allure of 100% premium catnip with the movement of a wand for playtime cats and people can love together!

5. Ball of Feathery Fury

Ball of Feathery Fury

  • 3 toys in 1 – Sight, sound, and motion
  • Lifelike movement and irresistible sound
  • Chase the ball or “hunt” the catnip scented birdie inside

The Ball of Feathery Fury is an interactive,cat-activated toy that will send your cat’s instincts into overdrive!  When a cat bats the toy, the squeaking mouse sound and lifelike movement are activated – The bird’s head bobs up and down and left to right just like a real animal, encouraging your cat to stalk and chase!

4. Hide & Go Squeak


  • Random motion drives cats wild
  • With genuine electronic RealMouse® sound
  • Great visual stimulation and exercise!

The Hide & Go Squeak has three mice that bob at different intervals to catch kitty’s interest, and all three mice squeak with the patented RealMouse® sound. The sound is so realistic, cats will be sure they’re on the hunt for the real thing!

3. Original Mousehunter

1360012074 MouseHunter

  • With the patented RealMouse® sound
  • Awaken kitty’s natural instincts
  • Contains real catnip

It’s furry, it squeaks, and cats love to chase it.  It’s just like a RealMouse®, except you won’t mind having it around the house.

2. Realbirds Wands

1010012453-RealBirds-Buzz-Off-Wand 1010012454-RealBirds-Pittsbird-Wand 1010012455-RealBirds-Fly-Over-Wand 1010012456-RealBirds-J-Bird-Wand 1010012457-RealBirds-Touch-Down-Wand 1010012458-RealBirds-Knock-Knock-Wand

  • Wands chirp just like RealBirds
  • Interactive fun for cats and cat parents
  • With real catnip

OurPets RealBirds wands are made for fun and frolic between cats and their people. What better way to bond with kitty, indulge her instincts, and provide her with heaps of exercise than with a dangling bird that squeaks as it’s batted and chirps as it bounces? Available in six styles: Buzz Off, Pittsbird, Fly Over, J-Bird, Touch Down, Knock-Knock.

1. Catty Whack

Catty Whack

  • Won “Best New Cat Product” at an industry trade show
  • Hide & Seek Action Game with fast-moving feather wand that changes direction randomly
  • Patented Electronic RealMouse® sound creates the allure of a real hunt for prey and stimulates cat’s natural instincts
  • Includes carpeted scratching area

Cats love chasing the erratic movement of a feather wand as it darts in and out of the mouse holes.  The feathery wand mimics the movement of prey in the wild, stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts for plenty of purr and pounce.  The toy also features our electronic RealMouse® sound, which sounds just like a squeaking mouse in the wild.


All of these toys are designed with the cat’s needs in mind.  When a cat is able to exercise their instincts, they become less stressed and healthier; therefore, more comfortable in their environment.  Happy hunting!