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OurPets at SuperZoo 2015

Hello Everybody!  We recently attended the pet supply industry trade show SuperZoo.  SuperZoo is a trade show where pet industry professionals are able to connect, show off their new and existing products to retailers, and grow their business.  This national show attracts over 15,000 pet industry professionals from the United States and around the world.  You can find out more about SuperZoo on their website.  One of the highlights of our booth was the display table (pictured below).   At this table we gave people the opportunity to actually use our new products and it was amazing to see how people interacted with the cat and dogs toys.  We would watch people play with the toys and try to catch feathers like they were cats themselves!


Other pictures of our show booth:

IMG_1743 IMG_1749

IMG_1745 IMG_1747

IMG_1755 IMG_1760

A few of the new products that we brought to the trade show were the Catty Whack®, the Whirling Wiggler™ Spinner Toy, and the new Flappy! Flappy® Dog Toys.  Out of all of the new products we brought, the Catty Whack® stole the show by winning “Best New Cat Product”!

Catty Whack Award_C

The Catty Whack® is an unpredictable game of hide & seek designed for cats of all ages! Cats love chasing the erratic movement of the feather wand as it darts in and out of the six mouse holes at random. The Catty Whack® also features the patented Electronic RealMouse® sound. The feather wand and the electronic RealMouse® sound mimic prey in the wild, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts. On the top of the Catty Whack® there is a carpeted scratching area where cats can groom their claws on a texture that they find satisfying. The bottom of the toy has non-skid rubber feet, which keeps the toy from sliding. There is also an auto-shut off feature and a replacement feather prey wand included.  This is the toy where instinct meets play!


We are really excited about this toy and encourage all of you to try it out!  Right now the Catty Whack® is available on Amazon.

Best new products at SuperZoo