Who is Dr. Steve?

Dr. Steve Tsengas
Founder & CEO

Dr. Steve Tsengas (Dr. Steve) has had a keen interest in a holistic, integrated approach to health for over 35 years. His interest in holistic health, combined with his love of pets, led him to augment his BS (Engineering) and MS (Business/Behavioral Science) with a Ph.D. in Natural Health & Nutrition and become a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

The subject of his doctorate dissertation was “Canine Aging – an Integrative Medical Approach.” He examined the causes of aging, primary age related pathologies and integrative medical approaches (conventional and alternative) to slow down aging and improve the quality of life during the latter years.

In-depth areas of interest include cat and dog biological behavior and geriatric pathologies such as periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease, skin and coat problems, cognitive health and nutrition (general nutrition, including vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient supplementation). He has effectively applied his knowledge and interest in developing pet accessories and consumable products for improving the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. His unique and innovative pet products have been issued dozens of patents.

Dr. Steve's business background is extraordinarily diverse and accomplished. He received his BS Engineering Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, his MS Business Degree (minor in Behavioral Sciences) from the University of Rochester, W. Simon Graduate School of Business and his Ph.D. from Clayton College of Natural Health.

He has attended and participated in numerous managerial, business and technical seminars. During 1960-1975 he was employed by Eastman Kodak, Harris Corporation, Babcock & Wilcox and AMAC Enterprises in various positions, including President, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Operations, Marketing Manager, Director of Human Resources, Manager of Central Operations, Senior Industrial Engineer, etc.  

Since 1976, he has personally founded over half a dozen high tech and consumer product companies and has provided financial and managerial assistance to several successful entrepreneurial start-ups. He has extensive technical knowledge, holds numerous utility, process and design patents and trademarks, written numerous management and technical articles and has taught and lectured at several local colleges.

He is a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the American Society of Patent Holders. Dr. Steve is active in various professional, community and technical associations including the Ohio Venture Association, American Naturopathic Medical Association, Lakeland Community College Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) advisor and National SIFE Competition Judge, Lake County Development Council Trustee and Chairman of the Economic Forum Committee and Workforce Investment Board Member.  Dr. Steve's most recent achievement is being named a 2010 Fellow of the Ohio Academy of Science, the leading organization in Ohio to foster curiosity, discovery, and innovation and to unite all who value education, science, engineering, technology, or their applications for the benefit of society.


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