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06.09.16 OurPet’s Company Now Licensing Polymer Bonded Pet Bowl Patent

FAIRPORT HARBOR, OH–(Marketwired – June 09, 2016) – OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) announced the general licensing of U.S. Patent US 8,973,529 B1 to qualified companies. The technology relates to the application of a polymer material to the bottom of pet stainless steel bowls to minimize sliding and noise while pets are feeding. Patent US 8,973,529 B1 was issued March 10, 2015.

This licensing decision does not affect the remainder of the OurPet’s patent portfolio, including patent US 8,286,589 B1 that was issued October 16, 2012 that covers the application of a polymer to the bottom and slightly up the side of the stainless steel bowl. OurPet’s offers a wide selection of quality polymer bonded stainless steel bowls under its Durapet® brand as well as under private label.

Commented Dr. Steven Tsengas, OurPet’s CEO, “The polymer bonding on stainless steel technology has proven very popular and has attracted many domestic and foreign competitors who have not always appreciated US patent regulations, thus necessitating legal action.” To date OurPet’s has successfully defended both patents against domestic and foreign companies, has licensed six companies and is negotiating with two more. Litigation has proven time-consuming, expensive and sometimes disruptive, especially when litigation against an infringing company has suddenly halted supplies to their retailer. It is hoped that the licensing of U.S. Patent US 8,973,529 will expand the usage of the technology and enhance OurPet’s’ overall profitability.

OurPet’s has rapidly grown through the development and marketing of innovative products for improving the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. Its intellectual technology is covered by over 170 patents issued or pending and accounts for approximately 75 percent of revenues. OurPet’s specializes in three main areas — toys and accessories for healthy mental and physical stimulation, waste and odor management and healthy, comfortable feeding systems. Since its founding 21 years ago, OurPet’s has set industry trends such as elevated feeding (Big Dog Feeder®), interactive/electronic sound cat toys (Play-N-Squeak®), quality rubber bonded stainless steel bowls (Durapet® bowls), cork/catnip agglomerate cat toys (Corknip®) and more recently Intelligent Pet Care TM (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology for improving human/pet connectivity).

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